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Blogmas Day 6: Dealing With Holiday Stress

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Last year was really touch and this year hasn’t been much better, for many. Are you full of worry? Anxiety?

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Are you spending time worrying about whether you are into the holiday spirit? What you should get for your loved ones this year or if you should bother? Maybe you’ve been struggling financially and have no money to spend this year. You worry whether or not you should bother making the meals you usually do? Feeling left out of family activities? Have you had enough of this year and want it to be over?

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Are you dealing with mental health and diagnosis? You are not alone. Some people don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with. Some people don’t have the money or the means. Some can’t be bothered.

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Covid is still here and sticking around and there are many things that come with that. Masks are still being worn, people are still getting sick, and the vaccine is being mandated. Jobs are at risk, people’s patience is thin, and it looks like it isn’t going to get better.

Managing Holiday Stress - Ruthie Harper, MD - Austin, TX

There have been many sick, many deaths, many diagnoses, and so much more that goes along with Covid.

Outside of the virus, many are dealing with health issues, mental health, isolation, loneliness, and more.

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I’m providing resources like I did last year for those who need it.

Suicide prevention support and mental health resources available in US
Suicide prevention ~ Download Resources ~ Grassroots

Here is a list of things that might help you.

  • Savor the moments that you have with those you care about. Even if they are moments, enjoy them and hold on to those moments.
  • Plan ahead. Sometimes if you know what you are doing or what you need to get done, the stress can be a little less overwhelming.
  • Be active. Try to stay active in things that you enjoy. It’s important to keep active for your health and for your mental health.
  • Acknowledge your feelings. Let yourself feel what you feel and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. You are dealing with a lot, as we all are. Your feelings are valid.
  • Embrace your “failures” and what goes wrong. Not everything has to be perfect. That’s okay!
  • Say no. If you are overwhelmed and people ask too much of you, don’t feel bad if you need to say no. No one should put themselves in a position to be unhappy because they didn’t say no.
  • Take a Break. It’s okay to step back and allow yourself time alone.
  • Reach out. Please reach out to someone that you know. Or use a hotline. Reach out if you are struggling. I know it may seem like no one cares, but that is not true. Many do care and many will be there for you. Including me.

I hope these will help you this holiday season. I know that there are times that are fun and full of activities. But remember, for all of us, there are moments when we are alone with our thoughts and feelings. Not all of them good.

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