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Ginger Bread House

This year, Arielle really wanted to do the ginger bread house. She’s been hounding me over and over but we have had so much on our plate, we hadn’t gotten around to it.

Well, today I finally let her do it and it came out so cute.

Arielle getting started!

If you can’t tell by her huge smile, she was pretty darn excited to get it done.

Arielle loves the rainbow because God put one over Noah’s Arc.

I love what she ended up doing with the top of the house. She had some trouble with the front but she worked really hard to make it look nice.

I love her creativity and use of color

The frosting was really hard to work with and I had to try to help her hold the bag but I think she did pretty well.

Sticky frosting didn’t work that well.

Here is the finished product!


Arielle was so proud of her house and now it sits drying. Such a cute picture of her with her house!

Ginger bread house 2021

Next year, we will do another and compare how it turned out. Maybe she will do better next year, and we will have some better frosting on hand.

I hope you liked her hard work as much as I do.

Until next time,


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