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Blogmas Day 11: Craft Ideas for Kids

The holidays are my favorite time of year because not only do we get to decorate our homes, trees, and put lights up, we get to do lots of crafts with the kids.

The kids are very artistic and have been since I started homeschooling them. We tend to do many art projects through our lessons. It helps them use their creativity and helps to express themselves. Plus, it’s fun!

So, this year, I wanted to share a few crafts that the kids have done and some that I found on Pinterest that would be fun to do and that we plan on doing.

I hope that if you have kids, you will go check out my Pinterest Board and find crafts that you can enjoy with them. It’s so fun and makes me happy.


Let me know if you do crafts and what kind of crafts you do. We would love to see them.

Until next time,


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