Bariatric Sleeve, My Weight Loss Journey

Tuesday Weigh-in (13 Weeks Post-op VSG)

This week, I tried to focus on drinking more water, getting in enough protein, and being intentional with my meals. I’ve been so busy and have had many distractions. I didn’t think much about food because I don’t get hungry.

I’ve posted a few recipes that were really good. I’ve made lots of food that make me want to explore more flavors. I want to try different things. It has taken me some time to enjoy food again after surgery. The texture is a big thing that often has me feeling like I have to vomit.

Last night, I had a chicken cordon blue and it felt like I overate, but I hadn’t. The heaviness of the food sat differently for me. I have to be more mindful of that.

I wanted to say that my weight loss is going pretty well. I even had chips, cookies, and stuff that I shouldn’t, but I still managed to lose. I have to be more mindful of eating more intentionally, but I’m not perfect. I still try sugar-free options that I shouldn’t overindulge on.

I’ll try to do better.

Last week, I weighed 225.8.

Today, I weighed in at:

I did the math and I have to get my BMI under 35 before I qualify for my hernia surgery. Which can’t come soon enough. I’m having some issues in that department. I need to weigh around 190 pounds to get my BMI in range.

I see my doctor on March 25th and I’m hoping to lose enough weight by then. We shall see. I’m going to do all I can.

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