Bariatric Sleeve, My Weight Loss Journey

Tuesday Weigh-in (14 Weeks Post-op VSG)

This week, I succeeded in drinking a lot more water than I had the previous week. I have tried to be more active but the weather hasn’t allowed me to go out as much. I am planning on incorporating low-impact exercise into my routine to combat that. I want to aim at about 30 minutes a day. That should give me a good starting place.

To ensure that I am not overdoing it, I am going to use some older walking exercises that I found a while ago. These are the two that I used to do before surgery. I was heavy and didn’t have enough energy to do more.

I hope this will be a good start. I’ll move on to more aerobic exercises after my body gets used to moving around and getting my heart rate up.

I started on Monday. So, I’ll keep track of my exercise along with my food and my water intake. I feel that my weight loss has been going so well, but I need to get moving too. I’m feeling a little lazy lately and want to feel stronger.

I’ll update you next week and let you know how it is going. You will get more updates as time goes on.

If you can offer more advice on what routines are good, let me know.

Last week I weighed 222 pounds.

This week the scale did not move. I am still 222 pounds.

Goals This Week

Drink more water

Track my food intake

Keep protein up

Exercise 30 minutes a day

Until next time,


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