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Christmas 2021 Recap

How was your Christmas? Did you spend time with your family? Eat delicious food? Get good presents? Celebrate the birth of Christ? Be incredibly thankful for all that you have? I sure did!

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This year, without a doubt, has been hard on me. At the beginning of the year, I expressed that I had been on a weight loss journey for over a year and hadn’t had much luck in 2019 losing a significant amount of weight. In fact, I lost 20 pounds and gained it all back while on Keto, seeing a dietician, and making good choices. Boy have I learned a lot since then. I’ll go more into detail on that in my year recap post next week. But I wanted to share that I look really different from last year. As you can see in this picture. I’m so happy with what I have accomplished.

84 pounds down since May!
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Christmas is my favorite time of the year because people are nicer, the decorations are beautiful, and to my pleasure, everyone seems to flock to church. I feel that anytime your heart yearns to be closer to the Lord, it makes him smile. God wants you to know that you are saved. That you are his son or daughter.

I love seeing the kids get excited over opening their stockings, ripping wrapping paper off their gifts, and the laughter is amazing to hear. I spent Christmas eve with my parents and we spent the day together watching movies, spending time prepping for the next day, and genuinely enjoying each others company. Before bed, my mom read them, The Night Before Christmas. It was so cute and the kids loved it.

Grammy reading to the kids.
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The kids were excited this morning when they woke up. My dad always sleeps in, so they have to quietly walk down the hall to the back livingroom to get their stockings. With sleep in their eyes, comfy PJs, and the sound of Good Morning America on the tv, they sat down in anticipation. When I gave them their stockings, their eyes got wide, the girls starting screaming, and smiles lit up their faces. The looks on their faces made all the miserable time shopping, dealing with crowds, and staying up late to make it look just right. They were incredibly happy.

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Occupied with their stocking toys, they waited patiently for Grandpa to wake up so they could open their gifts. Luckily for them, my sister showed up and the kids and I woke up and walked across the street to her house to get the first round of gift opening started. She had gifts for the kids, stuffed animals (stuffies) for them to take home, and we got to enjoy more screaming, more laughter, and a lot of happiness. The kids were happy with all they had.

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Back at my mom’s, my son and I occupied ourselves while the turkey was put in the oven. I read some while Damian played with a Lego set he got. My dad woke up and fried bacon while they made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. My mom makes some yummy biscuits and gravy. I was disappointed that I couldn’t partake. Instead, I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese. Yum. Breakfast was delicious.

After we all ate, we finally got to open gifts and that was a fun affaire. The kids were excited to open up gifts for themselves and watch everyone open what they got for them. I got Arielle a Barbie in an RV because she previously accidentally left a Barbie car and some Barbies at the park. I felt so horrible for not paying attention. So, I wanted to make it up to her. In fact, my mom and sister ended up getting Barbies too to fill in the ones that she lost. It was so sweet and she absolutely loved them.

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Damian has been with Titanic the ship for most of the year. He got really into the way the ship was constructed, built, how it sunk, and how. He even built many Lego titanic ships with what little he had. All year he complained that he didn’t have enough Legos or he didn’t have the right colors. So, for Christmas, I bought him a Lego set to make the Titanic with the iceberg. He went crazy when he opened the box. I’m glad that he is going to have so much fun building it. He is rather great at building things. Minecraft is is favorite game because there is no limit to what he can build. He even made a huge Titanic ship, of course. Clever boy.

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We had turkey dinner, as we did on Thanksgiving. It’s just what we eat and it was really delicious. I allowed myself turkey, green beans, and a couple spoons of mashed potatoes because it is a holiday, after all. I had a tiny piece of chocolate and I don’t feel guilty at all.

I really had a nice day and at the end of dinner, I drove home. I live about 45 minutes away from my parents and the wind is supposed to pick up. Plus, I was tired and wanted to sleep in my own bed.

There you have it. Christmas was a nice day of family, friends, gifts, and food. I forgot to mention that we prayed and thanked God for every thing that we have. God is so good and has blessed us in so many ways. I’m so thankful to have had this wonderful day. I got to see my sisters, brother, parents, and my nieces. So much love.

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I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas.

Merry Christmas.


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