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Book Review: Rhapsody in Blood: (The Miranda Chronicles: Book II) by Susan Old

Miranda, exasperated with her powerful, unfaithful, arrogant husband, Baron Tristan Mordecai, returns to the small farm town where she grew up. Crazed monk vampire hunters, rebellion within the nocturnal world, and jealous lovers of her husband follow, and challenge Miranda’s ability to protect her family.

Watched over at night by an ancient, scholarly vampire, and during the day by a vampire-approved mortal biker, makes readjusting to rural life after years living in L.A. a daily struggle. After settling in for only a few weeks, a visit by the Baron throws her life back into chaos. As always, he stirs up Miranda’s conflicting emotions of love and resentment, complicated by passion and frustration. The night of his first visit succeeds in igniting her fiery temper and on a visit to town attracts the notice of the local police.

Join Miranda in her search for normalcy as the ever-chaotic insanity of the centuries-old vampire society seeks to avoid attention in the modern world. Miranda’s coffee intake increases as she continues to fight the centuries-old vampire patriarchy.

My Thoughts

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Miranda Ortega is raising her children in Rossville, where she grew up. To her thinking, the kids are much safer away from vampire-filled cities. Though, they are all over in the house, babysitting, cleaning, taking care of the horses. As the previous story included, her husband is not faithful and makes no apologies. I find that annoying and even though she left his home and went to be in her childhood home, she seemed to be engrossed in the life he led her to.

This story was interesting. Though, I’m finding it hard to like Miranda at all. She’s a mom of four but she’s immature and the language she uses shows that she’s not emotionally mature either. I find sometimes I don’t like her tantrums or the way she parents.

The vampires are interesting but I find that I get lost in the story because there are so many characters to keep track of. Despite that, it didn’t stop me from reading this story.

I enjoy the kids and the interactions, though I wish the baron took more of an interest. They are funny and keep everyone on their toes.

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