Homeschool in January! (Goals and Intentions)

The amazing thing about homeschooling is flexible schedules. As many of you can relate, my schedule is busy and it gets hard to get all the tasks checked off the list. For us, we started our homeschool year in June.

I know! I didn’t give my kids a summer break. Let me explain.

We had a conversation about when we wanted to take a long break and we decided to wait for November and December. We wanted to enjoy the holidays instead of stressing over when our work would get done around all the fun activities. So, we took off most of December and some of November.

Now, that January is around the corner, we are getting back into our routine. The kids are going to have to adjust to the routine again as we get back to work. We are rather excited about getting back to doing all our lessons, art projects, and experiments. School for us is always fun, even when the kids complain.

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Our curriculum choice is, The Good and the Beautiful. It is an amazing company that provides a Christian curriculum for kids of all ages. I bought all subjects and we fell in love with them. So, we will be using the same curriculum next year too!

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As we get back into a routine, I will share what they are doing, what we study, what books we read, and I’ll share some art with you too.

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Monthly Goals

In January, I want to set some goals and I hope to complete them all. Here is the list that I have come up with.

  • Bible devotions for the kids (journals of their own)
  • More Projects for Science
  • More Art in all subjects
  • Plan Ahead for Change (I’m not great at this)
  • More Field Trips
  • More Field and Outside time
  • More Patience and Grace for myself and the kids
  • Increase Reading time for the kids
  • Less screen time
  • More physical fitness
  • Better nutrition for the family
  • Less pressure and more fun!
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The kids got these cute things for Christmas and they will be able to use them in schooling too. Such fun!

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I hope you will enjoy these posts. I’m not only an avid reader, but I’m a homeschool mom first.

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