Bariatric Sleeve, My Weight Loss Journey

Tuesday Weigh-in (15 weeks post-op VSG)

This week, I managed to drink a lot of water, kept my protein up, and did manage to experience great flavored foods. I’m excited about the recipes and the vegetables that I can eat. I feel great and I had a goal of working out. I did start doing a 20 minute workout that is low-impact dancing/walking workout. I also started lifting weights for my arms.

I’m sore and I know that is normal, but I also have more energy and feel pretty great.

Last week I weighed in at 222. It stayed the same for two weeks, if you saw.

This week I weighed in at:

I’m actually so happy. When I started this journey I had a goal to reach the weight limit for horseback riding. I finally can! I’m so happy with that. We will see you next week for the next weigh-in.

Until next time,


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