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2021 Recap + Goals Update

I was looking through my blog posts and realized that I didn’t really post a yearly goals post. So, I’m going to go off of my Reading and Weight Loss Goals post. I want to look over the goals that I made and update you on what I accomplished, what I still need to work on, and what I did not do.

I’m also going to start doing monthly goals for my weight loss, personal growth, and spiritual growth. I’ll do quarterly goal posts concerning my homeschool to update on the kids progress and how we are doing.

So, let’s look back at what goals I made.


Reading Goals Update

First, let me say that I made a goal to read 150 books and later amended that to 100 when I saw that I was going nowhere near that number. I’ve read 54 and I’m reading 4 books currently. I feel that only one or two of those will close out my yearly number to 55 or 56.

This year, I worked really hard on my health, which I will discuss later on in this post. I also had my faith and dedicated myself to that. I homeschool and that takes time. I just didn’t have the desire to read as much as I have in past years.

I should mention that the books I read with the kids were not listed on my goodreads page. I’m not sure why but next year, I’ll add every book we read. Because reading is reading, right?

I made a goal to join the Book of the Month and I did do that. However, after six months I canceled my subscription. There was nothing wrong with the books, in fact, they were wonderful. I just didn’t have the time or the money to keep buying them and not reading them. I still have all of my BOTM books and have read only one of them. So, look out for those reviews soon. Phew.

I had the intention of joining the Girl’s Night Book Club, but I fell behind after month 3. Again, I didn’t have time to read and I didn’t have the motivation. So, sadly I didn’t participate like I wanted to.


Weight Loss Goals Update

I started off the year at the Las Cruces Wellness and Bariatric unit under the care of Dr. Gomez. I was put on Keto for about 8 months but only lost around 20 pounds. I gained it all back despite keeping track of food, working out, and eating right. After some time, I decided that she was no longer helpful to me and I stopped going to her program and transferred to Albuquerque.

I made 3 weight loss goals before starting the Bariatric Weight Loss program at UNM Hospital. I made a goal to eat right. I definitely have conquered that. I eat clean, I eat enough protein, I don’t eat a lot of fat or sugar. I feel that I have done a great job with my diet.

My second goal was to work out 3 times a week. Given that I had surgery and had a hernia, I did not complete this goal. I didn’t end up doing much exercise due to my health issues.

My third goal was not to be discouraged in my weight loss journey. I feel that there were times I failed. As most of us know, things can get hard. We get discouraged and want to give up. I did get in those dark times but I didn’t stay there for long. I feel great and I know that the more weight I lose, the more I gain my strength, and get moving, I’ll feel a lot better.

I had my surgery on September 14. I’ve lost 86 pounds since May. That is amazing and I’m so proud of that.


There are the goals update. I wish I had posted more goals to update you on. Tomorrow, you’ll see what goals I have for the month of January. It will be much more in-depth. I’m going to post monthly goals and updates each month to let you know how I am doing.

What goals did you accomplish this year? I’d love to hear all about them.

Until next time,


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