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Book Review: Treehouse Town (Book 2) by Jenny Phillips

Treehouse Town (Book 2)
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The Treehouse Town books take readers on an exciting adventure with Ella and Jake as they discover new friends—and new problems to be solved.

When Ella and Jake find a treehouse in the woods, it is only one of several mysteries they encounter. Who are their new neighbors? Where is the mysterious light in the woods coming from? And who built this beautiful treehouse?

Ella’s dad went up the ladder, disappearing into the leaves.

“Oh, children!” he cried. “You’ll never believe what is up here!”

My Thoughts

This part two-story was sweeter and lovelier than the first. The Tree house town use was so nice and the kids really learned some valuable lessons of how to help others in need. We really enjoyed Mr. Woods and his impact on the children’s lives. It was really sweet. I’m glad we finished this book and the kids now want to go and build their own Treehouse Town. lol. Such a nice series and the kids are looking forward to reading more in the curriculum. 

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