Bariatric Sleeve, My Weight Loss Journey

Tuesday Weigh-in (16 Weeks Post-op VSG)

Hi guys!

This week was fun and challenging to say the least. It’s a new year and I’m still struggling not eating the sweets my kids have stashed in the kitchen. I’ve had a sweet tooth lately and I’m not exactly sure why. I refrained, mostly. 😉

I did manage to get enough water in and my protein has been at a great level. So, all of that makes me feel fuller faster, I’m getting adequate nutrition, and I’m feeling pretty great.

My clothes are starting to feel much better because I’m losing in the belly. Finally! I feel like the belly is the last place I’m losing fat. I’m counting this as a victory because I’m so happy the jeans I’ve been wearing no longer fit. They are so baggy and falling off.

Another pair of jeans I’ve been wearing were a bit tight but I loved the way they look on me. I’m happy to say they are no longer as tight and still look good. I’m so happy! Also, I fit into an XL shirt! That was fun to wear around the house.

All my clothes have been 3x or 2x. Now, they are way too big and I have to tie them behind my back to fit or I look like I’m drowning in cloth. lol.

My high school ring is something that I’ve worn forever. I can no longer wear it because it just falls off. I believe it is a size 10. I’m sad because I loved it but I just can’t wear it and risk it falling off while I’m doing the day to day household tasks. It went into the jewelry box today, sadly. My fingers are bear.

Last week, I weighed in at 220.1.

This week, I weigh:

I’m actually really happy about this! I was having an off week and felt bloated and such. I wasn’t sure I had lost any weight. So, stepping on the scale and seeing the number made me happy.

I’ll check in again next week!

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