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Kidney Stone. Ouch!

Friday morning at around 4am, I woke up with awful pain in my lower abdomen and back. I couldn’t get comfortable despite laying down, sitting up, moving around, stretching. Then, the nausea came and vomiting. There wasn’t anything in my stomach so it hurt and felt awful to just be vomiting liquid. After about a half hour of this or so, I finally decided that I needed to go into the ER. There was definitely something wrong.

I had to call my mom to let her know I was calling an ambulance, there was no way I could drive in this pain. She called my pastor’s wife, thank god, and she sat with the kids until my mom arrived. I’m so blessed to have had her do that for me.

I got to the hospital and did the normal triage stuff, they gave me fentanyl for the pain, but it didn’t tough it and the pain in my lower back was only getting worse. After some time, they gave me Toradol and that took it away. Phew…relief.

I can say that while they took blood, monitored my blood pressure, and did all the tests, I could not give them a urine. It hurt so bad that I couldn’t pee. When I finally did, it was so dark and it wasn’t very much.

I later found out that my urine was infected and they couldn’t just let me go home with a kidney stone to pass it. I had a CT scan performed and the stone was stuck and I wouldn’t be able to pass it on my own. Mountain View kept me comfortable while I was put on a waiting list to be transferred to Memorial.

I would have to get surgery to remove the stone and their hospital had no urologist on staff. It took quite awhile. I was transferred on Saturday at noon . I spent the night in a much more comfortable bed, was given morphine and Toradol to keep the pain at bay. I was given liquids and the whole nine yards.

On Saturday I did get to eat to eat lunch and dinner since my procedure wasn’t until Sunday. That seemed to help some. I had some low blood pressure over night due to dehydration. They sorted it out with potassium and I was right as rain.

On Sunday morning, I had to be given more morphine and Toradol because the pain was awful. The stone was preventing me form being able to urinate and the pressure was awful. Finally, they wheeled me back and did my surgery. They broke the stone into two pieces and put in a stent to keep things open because my urethrae and kidney had some swelling.

I got to go home a few hours later and I was hungry but didn’t manage to eat a ton of food. I was really tired because they kept waking me up to check my blood pressure every 2 hours. I got a little bit of food, water, and rest last night.

Today, I feel refreshed and I have an appointment with my PCP to follow-up and for other unrelated issues.

I’m feeling okay but each time I urinate, it hurts. That is normal. It will be uncomfortable for awhile and there will be some bleeding and such. All normal. I’ll be making an appointment for a week after the surgery to get the stent removed.

It was a heck of a few days, but I had family and friends praying, I prayed, and God had me in his hands. It was crazy and stressful, but I got through it and I’ll follow instructions until I can get the stent out.

I’m a little sad I can’t take a bath, but we have to follow orders and prevent infection. So, oh well. It’s just a week.

Anyway, I thought I would update you and let you know why you hadn’t seen any posts from me. It’s been crazy but it will start settling down again.

Until next time,


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