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Kidney Stone Update

Hi, everyone.

I took time off posting on my website to recover from my kidney stone surgery. It’s been an uncomfortable and painful process. The pain in my side has subsided, thankfully. However, having a stent in is not the most fun thing to deal with.

When you have a stent in your kidney and urethra, when you have to go, you have to go. So, I feel like I’ve made way too many trips to the loo. Phew. It’s annoying.

Anyway, I go to the doctor on Monday to get the stent out.

What I’m a little upset about is that my doctor and nutritionist mentioned nothing about kidney stones being a side effect of surgery. Whether it be a high protein diet or dehydration. What was mentioned were gallstones, but not kidney stones. Last night, I spent more time than I’d like to admit researching kidney stones after bariatric surgery.

What I found is that too much animal protein, not enough calcium, and not enough hydration can all cause kidney stones. I also read that bariatric patients are at a higher risk of getting them due to these reasons. So, I’m a little annoyed that I wasn’t prepared for this. I feel like they give you classes, educational booklets, and tell you all about the risks, but they did not tell me about kidney stones. In fact, the kidney was not mentioned in any materials that I received.

So, I’m going to increase my water intake. I’m struggling to get in the water that I need to. 64oz is the recommended amount and I’m maybe getting 48-50oz. Keep in mind that I do have a 24oz mug of decaf coffee and I also have 8oz of protein shakes. So, those liquids do count in my total, however, I want to try to make the majority of my liquid water.

I’m also going to start adding lemon into my water. That seems to be a common thing that people drink to keep kidney stones down. I’m not a huge fan of lemon, but if it will prevent me from having to go through this pain and further surgery, I think I can suck up putting lemon into my water.

I’m still waiting on the results of the stone. They did send it to a lab and are going to send the results to the urologist that I’m seeing. If they don’t post the results on my medical portal, I will find out on Monday when I go get the stent removed.

The Urologist will be able to tell me what caused the stone and that will better help to figure out what I can do to avoid it. It could be hydration, uric acid, or not enough calcium. Only the results will better tell me. So, I’m being patient until then.

I’ll update you as I find out, but I’m hanging in there. Despite the discomfort, I just want to educate myself and know how to prevent this from happening again. There is so much that I don’t know about having bariatric surgery. There is so much that can happen after. So, I’m learning and going with the current.

Until next time,


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