Ruth Anne Garcia is an Author and mother living in New Mexico.

Her writing stems from her desire to tell a story and take her audience through a journey of adventure, excitement, and growth. She enjoys writing fantasy, romance, suspense, and historical fiction. Her love of history and family drives her writing and she chooses characters who go through some kind of personal struggle and work hard to come out on top.

As a person, she is kind, honest, and enjoys building relationships with people. With her degree in Social Work, she aims to help those who need it and to uplift those who need strength and resiliency. She’s funny and warm and enjoyable to be around. Loyal and welcoming with a bit of sass underneath.

She’s currently working on her Debut Novel, Asher’s Promise. It will be released soon with three consecutive novels in the series to come after. The Burke Brothers run a farming equipment company and Asher is in line to take over, but there’s a catch. He has to marry a business associate’s daughter to take the job. Watch Asher struggle to woo Lori Walker as she slips from his fingers when she finds out the truth. Will he accomplish his goal? Find out by reading Asher’s Promise.

You can reach out to Ruth Anne in the contact section with any questions or just to chat and get to know her, request an autograph copy of her book(s), or inquire about her work. Or you can follow her on Twitter, her Facebook page, Goodreads, or Instagram where she keeps up to date on her projects and communicates with fellow writers and readers. You can also check out her Pinterest to see what kind of boards she’s got and get to know her on a more personal level.