Dangerous Child

Dangerous Child


Twisted into a form Broken from a gash Garnished with distractions Spiced with change . Boiled in emotion Simmered with aids Broiled in helpers I just can't swallow it . Mind is tasted Decisions are drunk You cannot sip it No matter the fight . I'm molded anew Grown to adjust Brightness of bending Of

Free Falling

cntraveler.com My legs are wobbly I've seen too much A building of events So easily out of touch The ground is uneven Air is heavy to breathe Balance is upended On a midsummer night's eve The fall is scary A bottom unseen Weightless it may seem Until the bottom is near Panic in my chest

Jolly to a Brave New Year

©2019 Ruth Anne Garcia As we come to a close of the year Another set of goals in near To make a pact for what we hold dear All the missteps fall to the rear Hopes and dreams and accomplished bliss Leads us to the hope for nothing to miss If tough times come we