New Year- An Outlaw Queen Fanfiction

New Year- An Outlaw Queen Fanfiction

Vintuli’s Beginning (Short Story)

I like to write passages and POVs of different characters before writing my novels. Vintuli is my main character. My fantasy novel is set in a mythical world I created called Tara Oban. Enjoy! Vintuli POV Today is the day. I can finally be called a man amongst my father and the elders. I stand

Beaumont Lumber

The boy stopped at the sound of his name being bellowed. Turning, he sees the woman's panicked eyes gleaming with tears. "Don't go," she begs. "I must, for it is my destiny. I must journey west and find my purpose," he says. A look of determination on his face, he turns for the door. At

Jeanne and the Christmas Pinecones

The week of Christmas, Jeanne watched her neighbors put up decorations and lights. Their houses brought the spirit of the holiday when there was little to have. In the small village, the factory had shut down. Paychecks were diminished and families couldn't afford food, let alone presents. Jeanne, a girl of seven, desperately wanted to