Ruth Anne Garcia’s Works

Ink & Sword Magazine

Ruth Anne’s poem, Fast Forward to Now can be found in Issue 9 of Ink & Sword Magazine.

Marias at Sampaguitas Magazine

Ruth Anne’s poems Broken Glass, Drowning, and Slipping Under can be found in Issue 1 of

Marias at Sampaguitas Magazine.

Bleeding Orchid: From Diagnosis to Recovery

Ruth Anne published a book of poetry describing her journey with Crohn’s disease. You can find a copy on Amazon today.

If you’d like a physical copy of her poetry book, you can find that here.

Reviews for Bleeding Orchid


5-Star App Ratings (Five-Star Apps) | Perfecto

 Wonderful book on the process of pain and healing

Verified Purchase Great book of poems written by my cousin when she was first diagnosed with Chron’s. Very enlightening. I could feel her pain and disappear while reading the poems.

Zombie inkpot

5-Star App Ratings (Five-Star Apps) | Perfecto

Moving and beautiful

Verified Purchase This is a beautifully produced book of poems that deal with a very difficult time in the author’s life, but which really spoke to me about the difficulties in my own life. Grief, Explain and Fatigue are the poems that really stood out to me in this excellent collection. I know I will be revisiting these poems many times. This collection details the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of the author. Anyone who has experienced serious illness can empathize with the betrayal of your body and the pain, fear and shame that goes with it. The horribleness of endless doctors and treatments, even when they are nice, and made all the more difficult when they aren’t. The distance illness drives between you and loved ones, both in mental and emotional understanding as well as through physical limitations. All these subjects and more are dealt with in these honest, brave, moving poems. I applaud the author for sharing and wish her well on her continued journey.


5-Star App Ratings (Five-Star Apps) | Perfecto

A wonderful read!!!

Verified Purchase I just finished this book and LOVED IT! It’s as if the reader is with her every step of the way, experiencing her pain and emotions as she moves towards an uncertain future she sees ahead of her. But the strength, resilience, dignity, and above all faith she shows us in her journey through life is remarkable.

Asher’s Promise: Burke Family Saga Book 1

Coming Soon!

Asher wanted one thing. To become CEO of his father’s farming equipment company. To get what he wants, he’s got to woo Lori Walker, the daughter of their business partner. He’s given one request. Marry Lori and the company is his. Pursuing her was his job, liking her was a bonus. Falling for her was a curse.

Lori Walker is the local nutritionist with her heart tender from a previous breakup, she’s lucky to have Asher’s attention. She’s hesitant about his advances. Liking him was dangerous. Loving him was a blessing, or so she thought. When she finds out about the deal he made with her father, her tender heart is shattered.

It takes sheer determination, charm, and a minor miracle to bring her back to his side. In doing so, things aren’t exactly what he had in mind. Will Asher keep his promise by marrying Lori and take over the company?