Book Review: Long Road Home by J.W. Ashley Description: Ten years ago Lincoln Calloway broke me. A single, terrifying phone call is all it takes to change the trajectory of my life. But what I thought would be a short trip home, quickly turns more serious as the secrets my family has tried to keep hidden finally come to light. Starting with

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I'll be posting all my book reviews from goodreads that I haven't already posted on my website. So, be advised that you'll see a great number of reviews being posted. I'm currently reading two ARC's from NetGalley and Book Siren. To keep up to date on what I'm reading an reviewing, feel free to add

Book Review: Her Eyes Underwater by Ramona Simon Description A frightening and thrilling look at the endless possibilities of first encounters. If someone seems too good to be true… In the vast and pristine wilderness of 1970s Montana, people have been disappearing. Julia Strauss, a restless university student with a taste for adventure, is unaware and unconcerned. During a chance encounter at