Book Review: On Common Ground: Book 1 in the Grounded Series Description: A woman destroyed his ability to trust. A man destroyed her ability to care. Can love unlock their fear and heal their wounded hearts? His marriage over and his career in jeopardy, Trevor Donaldson seeks sanctuary at the Diamond D Ranch in Arizona. After gunning down the man who shot his partner, the

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I'll be posting all my book reviews from goodreads that I haven't already posted on my website. So, be advised that you'll see a great number of reviews being posted. I'm currently reading two ARC's from NetGalley and Book Siren. To keep up to date on what I'm reading an reviewing, feel free to add

Book Review: The SEAL’s Beautiful Nanny by Leslie North Description Former Navy SEAL Colin Vale is looking for a woman. Not just any woman, though. He wants one who will be a good mother to his adopted daughter, Sofia. Someone steady and reliable who will give Sofia the kind of stable, happy childhood he didn’t have. That woman is not Lily Rhodes, Sofia’s