Book Review: Loophole of the Gods, Part I: The Case by Lyle Milton ★The Deeply Immersive Psychological Technothriller for fans of Ex-Machina and A.I.★ Can a girl be murdered if she was never born? It’s a paradox at the core of a dangerous case, one that exhumes horrific memories for one private investigator. Jesse Davenport’s daughter ‘Lainey’ reveled in her life as an undergrad, and her bright

Book Review: A Taste of Sweetness by Kate Alexander Zoey needed to make changes to her life. She left her controlling ex-boyfriend and an unexceptional job in Lexington and took a chance for new start. Moving Blossom Hills was the perfect way to her new life. She would be closer to her best friend, and fulfill her dream to open a bakery. She

Book Review: Tulum Takedown by Jeanine Kitchel A journalist. A missing girl. A fatal deadline. Layla Navarro, new head of Mexico’s most powerful cartel, knows sometimes even drug lords need to run for cover. Hiding out in Mexico City after her daring assassination of a cartel rival, Layla is searching for a safe place to land until the ruckus dies down.

Book Review: Chief by John Lyttle III Wisdom walks through the halls as a most unusual janitor in New York's wealthiest building. My Thoughts John Lyttle III's novella, Chief, is a short story with a powerful message. In a beautiful and prominent building in New York City, a janitor by the name of Chief is favored by all. He's got pockets

2020 Reading Challenge Update

At the beginning of the year, I made a goal to read 150 books. I had a list of several books that were on my list. Here is a link to that blog post. I started off listing books that I wanted to read. However, I started doing book reviews for different people. So,