November Update

If you have been keeping up with all my posts, Thank you! I've been so busy working on my novel that I've barely had time to do much else. I usually try to update my blog and post book reviews, but I'm sad to say they have been far and in between. I want to update

Parenting vs Writing/Reading

I want to do it all, I think that I can sometimes, but we have to be realistic. We can't do it all. That's okay! It's all about making priorities. I'd love to spend my days immersed in books while sitting near the window. I wish that I could. But I make things a priority.


Twisted into a form Broken from a gash Garnished with distractions Spiced with change . Boiled in emotion Simmered with aids Broiled in helpers I just can't swallow it . Mind is tasted Decisions are drunk You cannot sip it No matter the fight . I'm molded anew Grown to adjust Brightness of bending Of

January 2020 Goals

We all start off making resolutions that we think we'll meet and fall short of them every new year. Then, comes the cycle of thinking your year is going to be ruined if you don't accomplish what you've set off to do. Instead, I like to challenge myself each month and make small goals that

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